About us

     Eric’s love of all things vintage literally started from birth. His Father, Earl & Mother, Nola brought him home from the hospital a few days after he was born in a red & white 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air. To this day, he longs for the smell of gasoline, petroleum and burning rubber from a hot-rod car or truck. As he grew older, Eric developed a hobby for collecting old guitars, baseball cards, vinyl records, posters and unique flea market finds. When he was in his twenties pursuing a record deal in Nashville, he was so broke as a working musician that he dressed himself and his band in all vintage clothing from the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, back before the style became hip and en vogue and when it was dirt cheap! As fate would have it, Eric’s retro style caught on with audiences and fans around the world. His hi-octane songs with rockabilly grooves became international hits. Performing in his two-toned, black & white Florsheim shoes (found in a Memphis second hand store), wearing Rhinestoned Manuel suits and sporting pork-chop sideburns like Conway Twitty circa 1965, Eric became known as the new “Hep Cat” artist with endorsements from legendary guitarist, Duane Eddy and Playgirl Magazine awarding him the top-5 sexiest singers award.

      With years of touring experience under his belt, a vast knowledge of Americana history and a near obsession with Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Furniture, Fashion & Design, It was only fitting that Eric would find a true life partner with an old soul and a hippy heart. Through a chance meeting he met Lindsey, a southern born & bred musician. She was booked for a gig in the historic  building from the late 1800’s that Eric had recently bought and renovated to it’s former glory. The two of them instantly hit it off and had a mutual admiration for each other’s style and talent. Lindsey immediately felt right at home in the atmospheric place and it reminded her of growing up in the rural south. She was raised in a double-wide trailer and took trips with her grandpa to his place of work, the local “dump” where she would go “treasure hunting” as a child and learn to appreciate collecting “junk”. She learned to drive on the family’s 1970 Ford F-150 pick-up truck. Grindin’ gears on the way back home with a load of rusty trash, she was eager to spit shine and polish those forgotten memories of yesteryear into beloved pieces of art.

     After school, Lindsey would watch her favorite shows such as, The Brady Bunch, I Dream Of Jeannie, I Love Lucy & Bewitched. As a teen, feeling she was born in the wrong decade, she would go thrift store shopping with her mom to try and find clothes that resembled the fashionable trends of those nostalgic shows. Her passion for 60’s-90’s era music and fashion began while sitting on shag carpet in front of the family console television watching her idols, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt & Nancy Sinatra. A few years later, a modern music and fashion Icon, Shania Twain emerged onto the scene. She would inspire Lindsey as well as millions of others and Ironically, Eric was Shania’s guitar player at that exact time...After attending college she learned the art of performance and imaging by traveling from town to town as a professional musician playing music halls, festivals and clubs. She honed in on her retro style and became a thrift store guru paving the way for her patented, “Hillbilly Glam” lifestyle.

     The old brick & mortar music venue that is walking distance from The George Dickel Whiskey Distillery and in the heart of Middle Tennessee, is now decorated with rustic industrial artifacts that the two-some find on their adventures and is appropriately named, “The Ole Tennessee Opry.”

     Today, Eric & Lindsey continue their journey together, cruising in a classic ride with patina and pulling a 1958 Go-Lite vintage travel trailer behind them. With a road scholar’s appreciation for the past and a hopeless romantic’s viewpoint of the future, they travel up north/down south/back east & out west via the highways and byways of America.                                      

     His love of finned 1959 Cadillac automobiles and her love for Pink Flamingos has  merged to become an American Dream called...’59 Flamingos!
     So, If you are into anything vintage, retro or just plain cool, It’s probably waiting here for you. Hit the ’59 Flamingos online road today...and enjoy the ride!